Weight Loss After Pregnancy Review – How to Lose Pregnancy Weight

Weight Loss After Pregnancy is a downloadable PDF document. It is professionally well produced with outstanding graphics and a feel and look that

Weight Loss After Pregnancy is a downloadable PDF document. It is professionally well produced with outstanding graphics and a feel and look that matches the subject. Weight Loss After Pregnancy is 83 pages of solid information for mothers who want to lose weight after child birth.

There is also a digitally mastered audio version that can be listed to on your computer or ipod or copied onto a disk for latter listening. It is altogether 97 mega bite of crystal clear audio recording. The PDF document has a well structured table of content that lets you choose what is most important for you.

Weight Loss After Pregnancy is an honest, easy to read book. It starts out by pointing out the special needs and challenges of a new mother vis a vis her desire and need to lose weight. Unlike the general population, the new mother is particularly in a special situation. She has to take care of the new baby, get her needed eight hour sleep and also attend to her regular chores. The book gives some important suggestions on how to simplify things. How to break complex chores down so they can become more manageable and easily accomplishes.

The book observes that one of the trappings of women desiring to lose weight is the celebrity issue. It observes that women desiring to lose weight, look at the popular magazines and see these celebrities and their weight loss after pregnancy and just wish they were like them.

It suggests that rather than just wishing and being envious about “how this celebrity managed to lose all of their pregnancy-pounds in a matter of months, or how that celebrity went and got herself a fitness trainer to help her lose those pounds” you should “concentrate on what you can do to lose those pounds gained during your pregnancy”

Without going into a lot of the specifics, there are some points made in the book that I think desire attention. The book suggests that When looking at losing the weight you gained during your pregnancy, it is important to remember that it took nine months to rack up all that weight and would most likely take about that much time to take it off.

There is no real need to be in a rush the book suggests. It points out that women generally gain 20-30 extra pound during pregnancy, of that weight , you can expect to lose about 10-15 pounds after the baby comes. This means that you are left with an overall weight gain of about 10-15 pounds to contend with. “The aim is to lose 1-2 pounds per week. This is a healthy and realistic goal for a new mother” it says.

The book suggested 5 methods for losing weight after child birth. They are:

1. Breastfeeding

2. Exercise

3. Walking

4. Healthy eating habits

5. De-stressing

Of the five, I think Breastfeeding deserves a revisit. The book maintains that “not everyone knows this, but breastfeeding your baby can help you to lose weight.” On the average it says, “a woman who breastfeeds her baby burns up about 500-700 calories per day”, just from breastfeeding.

Weight Loss After Pregnancy stressed the need to “be honest with yourself” in your weight loss effort. The book is also quick to recognize that “This can be quite a difficult task for some people, as we are so used to deceiving ourselves on a daily basis, about what we eat. It’s easy to fool ourselves with the thought, it’s only one bite, it’s only spoonful, it’s only one glass. Well, I’ll let you in on a little secret that most of us deliberately choose to ignore – all of those illicit bites, spoonfuls, and glass or even half glasses of whatever it is you’re eating, well…they add up.”

The book also noted that there will be those time when in spite of your best intentions, you still fall of the wagon. In those instances the book says, do not condemn yourself, but suggests,

This is the approach you need to follow with losing weight.

You start out with your target: Lose weight.

Then you make a plan of action: Lose weight, using this, this and this method. Then you make a plan of action: Lose weight, using this, this and this method.

The you fall off the weight-loss wagon and go on a chocolate binge: You minimize the damage, then you get right back on and keep going.

Finally, the book suggests that you remember you are not starting from the beginning – you are just continuing down the same road from where you fell off. It concludes with some specific exercise programs and some simple but effect recipes for effective weight loss after pregnancy.

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