What Effects Does Fear Have on Divorce?


Do you or your parents currently or previously have a divorce?

How are things going with your divorce? Are you and the ex-partner constantly at odds, or can you two still get along?

Which pain are you experiencing the most of right now? Do you worry that your kids will suffer because of the circumstance?

Are you experiencing extreme frustration, rage, and anxiety as a result of worrying about what the ex-partner will say or do next to further complicate your life? Do you believe that your health is being harmed by the stress and anxiety?

When it comes to the ex, what do you fear the most? How are you handling it, exactly? Do you ever have the feeling that you are treading water?

Is there anything you can do to help me get rid of this crippling fear?

The EX-Factor was developed by my wife Laurie and me to assist you in learning how to maintain harmony after your divorce and foster an environment where your children can flourish.

We are here to tell you, “YES, there is!”

We have all been in your position. We have personally gone through the emotional pain of divorce and have witnessed its impact on our children. Coaching and counseling have been used by us. We have put in the necessary effort to advance ourselves. As your guides as you navigate the choppy waters of divorce, we are now fervently committed to being there for you.

What consequences does fear of divorce have?

Fear is stifling because it tends to consume you when it takes over as your main focus. Your reactivity increases the more unconsciously you are focused on your FEAR.

Achieving greater Awareness enables you to pause, pivot, or stop, depending on what you really want., think things through, and start being proactive. You can create more of what you really want rather than more of what you don’t want because you are intentional and logical in this way.

You can change your focus to focusing on your newly discovered Clarity for what you DO want when you realize that whatever you put your attention on is what you get more of in return.

Rarely will acting receptively result in you getting more of what you really want; instead, it will likely result in more of what you DO NOT want.

Consider this: When your ex suddenly becomes irate with you, she or he has lost control over both themselves and their interaction with you, and you will never want to do what they want you to do!

Similar to how you lose control of yourself and the interaction when you lash out in anger at the ex, the other person will never comply with your demands!

If you’re anything like me, a lot of the events leading up to the divorce were completely unexpected. Because they came as a complete surprise, I had no time to prepare for anything and was left in a highly reactive state.

I was finally able to STOP reacting once I had real clarity about what I truly wanted for my daughter, who was then 3 years old. The very next day, I encountered a scenario with the ex that in the past would have made me angry. As an alternative, I took a deep breath and considered what I wanted most for my daughter: the best possible parenting from me.

I consequently STARTED to make changes to the way I handled situations. I did succeed in maintaining my composure and restraint. The fundamental dynamics started to change over the ensuing months.

My daughter and I experienced a complete transformation as a result of having Clarity.

Simply take action and complete my free Clarity Exercise to gain clarity. Go to:


The password to access is “clarity1”

As a result of your Awareness that things may change for the better, you are here. For the sake of your kids, make a commitment to follow through on being the best parent you can be.

To ensure that your children are thriving, STOP being trapped in the destructive cycle of unconscious fear and START being the best, most aware parent you can be.

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