What’s Up With Morning Erections? Here Are the Causes of Men’s Sleeping Erections


One of the most memorable scenes in The Forty-Year-Old Virgin is when Steve Carrell awakens with the morning erection that only Godzilla could possess. Since they are all too familiar with the circumstance, men must have felt a warmth in their hearts. So what triggers an erection in a man while he is sleeping? He needs to be awake in order to, you know, start things off. Truth be told, you don’t, and erections in the morning are not only a pleasant surprise, but also a sign of good health. Let’s review the key information about morning erections that every man should be aware of.

How and Why Erections During Sleep Happen

Let’s start with how erections occur while you are awake. Any number of things can stimulate a man, including a touch, an especially interesting memory or image, or even just a brisk breeze. This sensation, which is brought on by the release of neurotransmitters by the parasympathetic nervous system, will be felt by him. In order to accommodate the surge of blood flooding the penis, the arteries in the penis then enlarge. It’s an erection, there it is.

There is now a natural increase in the parasympathetic system’s activity, which is why nocturnal penile tumescence, or erections while sleeping, occur. It transmits signals that cause the heart rate to slow, the muscles to relax, and the brain to enter the deepest dream state known as REM. A nighttime erection may result from this. Unaware of it, healthy men can consume several in one evening. The hormone that drives sex drive, testosterone, is also at its highest in the morning, which results in morning erections, which is another biological explanation for erections during sleep.

Blame the Bladder

Due to the fact that many men drain the lizard once they awaken with an erection, many people believe that morning erections are brought on by a full tank. This claim might have some substance because a full bladder can stimulate the spinal nerves, which in turn causes an erection.

When Should I Be Concerned If I Get an Erection in the Morning?

The amazing news is that a morning erection is a fairly reliable indicator of good health. So, if your soldier is standing at attention when you awaken, something is obviously working.

Now, men who don’t get an erection in the morning may want to visit their doctor because it could be caused by a health issue, obesity, or smoking. Make the call if you notice morning wood or stop experiencing erections while you sleep on a regular basis. Even though it might not be anything, you should still treat it right away.

Getting a Handle on Your Morning Erection: The Big 3

It’s likely you already know this, but there are three sure-fire ways to hunker down a hard penis:

– Take a tinkle and visit the restroom. The majority of the time, things return to normal, and you can carry on with your day.

– What a fantastic way to welcome the day: by embracing your penis. Rub away with the lubricant!

– Get their permission before kicking them out of bed if they are in your bed. It’s an excellent way to begin a typically dull Wednesday, like number two! Because your testosterone levels are at their highest and you’ve just finished a few hours of rest and repair, morning sex can be incredibly stimulating and fulfilling.

More than Just Morning Erections: 7 Things You Can Do to Build Stronger Erections

For any man that wants to optimize on his current morning erection status, there are a few things he can do:

1) Keep all your regular check-ups and see your doctor whenever you think something might be “off.” Additionally, perform a monthly penis exam (weekly is preferable), and be sure to note anything unusual.

2) Exercise frequently because it stimulates the heart… everywhere.

3) To encourage a healthy lifestyle and ward off erection-evils like high blood pressure and heart disease, eat a heart-healthy diet.

4) It needs to be said again: don’t smoke.

5) Because erections are mental as well as physical, learn to manage your stress.

6) To prevent infections and bacteria from entering, keep your penis as clean as possible. Warm water and a mild cleanser should be used to wash your body every day. Pull back your foreskin and make sure to get in between the folds of your skin. Rinse thoroughly, then let the hair air dry.

7) Use a specially formulated penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil , which has been clinically proven safe and mild for skin) daily. This extra step delivers vital nutrients that support the health of the penis, such as vitamins A, B, C, and D as well as arginine, a vasodilator (the medical term for boner enhancer). For best results, use after each cleansing.

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