When You Get Enough Sleep, Even Your Dreams Say Thank You!

Everyone deserves the RIGHT to sleep 24/7! I used to feel that I had to share with everyone my formula for peaceful, rejuvenating sleep: A great

Everyone deserves the RIGHT to sleep 24/7! I used to feel that I had to share with everyone my formula for peaceful, rejuvenating sleep: A great mattress, real cotton (instead of “percale”, percale is synthetic nylon/plastic mixed in with cotton, ouch!) sheets and pillowcases, and a down pillow, (hold the quills please!) Now I know that recommending a good mattress, cotton sheets, etc., is being insensitive, because until we all have our basic needs met, only elitists have the arrogance to assume that everyone CAN sleep in the first place! Some people have to work 3 or more jobs, and are lucky if they ever get any shut-eye, at all, and, it is naive to assume that everyone has the luxury of a bed, or even clothes for themselves, let alone bed clothes, etc! In Mongolian villages, in China, people sleep on stone slabs, talk about mattress firmness! Even that, however is a step, or quite a few steps, up from homelessness!

Sleep has been a real issue with me ever since I was a toddler, because instead of ever getting enough sleep, I tossed and turned due to having tremendous stresses. My Mom was always threatening to trade me in for an adopted child! She also was so controlling that she insisted that we ( my two siblings, an older and a younger brother and I) slept in a certain way: we HAD to sleep with our arms up, and out from under the covers! I only learned the why of that later: it was so that we might avoid self stimulation! lol I am still trying to make up for all the lost sleep of my youth, so if I could be sure an induced coma would be possible to do without any physical or mental damage, I might agree to it. I want to sleep so much that I would even want to sleep walk to eat, drink, etc. In this way I could have continuous pleasant REM dream sleep!

What would the world be like, though if everyone slept 24/7? Well zero wars, for one! But realistically, until we do have a utopia where we all have leisure, we will have to settle for what, hopefully, high quality REM sleep we can get! If I had to settle for fewer hours of sleep than I get now, I would want to avoid tiresome people, because I would be tired enough myself! If I could, I would choose to associate only with people who made me laugh, or even better, people who would make me laugh and cry simultaneously, because then I would be multi-tasking in addition to laughing AND crying!

We might all get more, and a better quality of sleep if we sent all those individuals who have an overabundance of ego and/or drama back to Kindergarten, regardless of their age, because they may need to learn how to play! I would make sure that the Kindergarten teachers were all like Arthur and his butler (in the original “Arthur” movie, with Dudley Moore and Liza Minelli, instead of the recent remake), so that everyone played to their hearts content, instead of being disciplined, at all, because most disciplining involves the breaking of one’s spirit, IMHO. I would have everyone stay in kindergarten until they played the “heck” out of play. If anyone took play seriously in these “post kindergartens”, they would be held back, made to repeat “post kindergarten”, until they could MASTERFULLY PLAY without seriousness, and without ego and or drama, and maybe even without any awareness or thought that they are playing at all! Being playful as adults is so necessary, because we all need to learn how to take our selves less seriously.

We might all be able to get more sleep and a better quality of sleep, too, if being serious could be considered a crime. Then, maybe, there would be some practical function to criminal law! Instead, what criminal law is today, is mostly bullying, especially of the poor and those who know too much, i.e., whistleblowers and those who could provide evidence, about who the real crooks and lawbreakers are! I wish there would be fines assessed on people who have extreme egos and/or are extremely dramatic. Also, taxation might be more legitimate, and people might see paying taxes as more valid if, in addition to getting services for our taxes, taxpayers would be taxed for demanding attention from other taxpayers.These people who demand too much attention are “taxing” people, they make me exhausted just thinking of how needy they are! Think about how much more focused and productive we all might be if people stopped distracting us with their “hellos” all the time!

Also, consider how much more tax revenue would be collected if we taxed people for, say, asking questions! Who are we to ask questions, anyway? Even the commonly asked question “How are you”, puts the person being asked the question on the defensive! I, for one, withhold my agreement to BE in “the social contract”, in the first place, until it IS social, instead of the politically correct straitjacket that it is. As far as I am concerned, there is yet to be any SOCIAL contract made with me, so I really feel free to say to any questioner, regardless of the question, (unless they are trying to save my life of course, and then why are they wasting time asking me, questions anyway?), “I hate Questions! The world, IMHO, would be a much better place, a happier, or at least a less defensive place, if we all just made statements about ourselves, instead of making judgments. Also I have never heard a humorous question, have you?

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