Would it be acceptable if you never again had to diet?


You know how everyone is always trying to lose weight? And everyone is aware that once they stop dieting, the weight will immediately return, possibly with a few extra pounds. Most people would adore losing weight just once and keeping it off forever.

Well, you can.

Stop dieting, that’s what I’m here to say. Because food is important. We shouldn’t deprive ourselves of it. Instead, we should eat according to our individual tastes, the needs of our bodies, and the appropriate amounts of food with balanced nutrients at the appropriate times.

Is it really that easy? We are aware of this because we witness it frequently. When we teach people how to eat, they have told us that after doing so, their blood pressure has decreased, they are taking fewer medications, they have more energy, their triglycerides have decreased by 70 points, their cholesterol has decreased by 70 points, they have gone from being pre-diabetic to showing no signs of the disease, their pants are too big, their knees no longer hurt, or they are sleeping through the night. All of this has happened in as little as 28 days, and all they

The majority of people don’t really like to consume their food through a straw. Unless they correctly prepared that meal themselves, they shouldn’t either. Additionally, the majority of people seek out simplicity. Eating food is certainly the easiest thing to do. Why not eat properly if you are going to eat in the first place?

We give food a lot of drama. Some of it is beneficial, such as when we celebrate with it or just enjoy the tastes and smells of it. Some of it is not very helpful, such as guilt and rewards. However, what if for a second we consider food to be knowledge? That is what it is to the body: information that the brain uses for the body to develop, heal, and remain healthy. When and where each molecule is required—for example, fat molecules are sent to the brain to rebuild cells or carbohydrates to the muscles to fuel movement—it is sent by the brain. Your body composition and overall health are influenced by every single molecule you consume. We truly are what we eat.

The state of your current batch of red blood cells was influenced by the food decisions you made three months ago! Additionally, the decisions you make today will determine the bones, skin, and organs you have in the future.

Food has great medicinal value. You are in control if you learn to eat properly. You will no longer need to “diet”. You’ll instead be the owner of a diet.

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